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The Housemates

The Housemates

136K Reads 5.3K Votes 34 Part Story
FateRose By FateRose Completed

Eliza 'Elli' Sullivan is in need of a place to stay when she spots an add for cheap rent in a big house. It seems a little too good to be true, but she figures why not? She goes for the interview, gets the room, and quickly moves in along with three other new residents. Things take a surprising turn for the new housemates when it turns out 4/5 of them aren't human. Shenanigans and sad times ensue.

loubnabouayad loubnabouayad Dec 02, 2015
I can never imagine what olive skin looks like. Olives are green!
loubnabouayad loubnabouayad Dec 02, 2015
Nooooo, I love those iced-mocha-chocolate-filled-crapdrinks that make me fat but happy! ♡
sharnilou sharnilou Jan 13, 2015
How can she pay rent if no job? Or have I missed that piece of information?
snow_blossom snow_blossom Dec 22, 2014
Oh my God, vampires and werewolves?! This is gonna be goooood!
snow_blossom snow_blossom Dec 22, 2014
Ooooh she's a werewolf? Then despite what she thinks I bet she still looks gorgeous.
CherishTheStorm CherishTheStorm Jun 15, 2014
I love Eliza's voice! It's so devil-may-care and smooth! Really flows well and she is likable.