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Pyro Prince (Natsu X Reader)

Pyro Prince (Natsu X Reader)

155K Reads 6.8K Votes 39 Part Story
It's lit🔥 By natsufangirl2000 Completed

In a land far away, lived a rather impulsive Prince by the name of Natsu. Without being raised by a guardian, he is left to find out what is duties are as a prince. 

Due to his adventurous like behavior, he comes across a remarkable girl known as (y/n). He feels as if this is love at first sight. But what happens when forced love comes between him and his destiny?

Doors are overrated anyways. 
                              *jumps into the window, shattering it to pieces*
Slowly and painfully kill you, at least, that's what I'd do.
And here I thought he was going to be a good boy and do his work
                              Note the sarcasm
Wait!.......did she just say 'Prince?' 
                              Fûck this shít I'm out. *leaves*
*Has tears in eyes* N-Natsu~S-Enp-ai.....You u-Un-D-Derstand m-e.......*crys tears of joy because she is happy he feels the same way*
dedennelolz dedennelolz Jan 08
Natsu is me when watched 4 hours of anime in my cave and the blinds are opened