Blue (Jercy)

Blue (Jercy)

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(High school AU)

The boy you see in class with messy hair and torn jeans. The "bad boy" who constantly gets detention from Mr.D. Some say he's troubled, but to his teachers, he's just trouble. Sarcastic, stubborn, and rebellious. But then there is always another side. Utter destruction, battered and tattered. Beaten, afraid...

The two-goody-shoes Grace. Too good for his own good. The perfect boy. Tall, fit, blue eyed, and blond. A boy with a good reputation, that he's struggling to uphold. A strong boy with a broken family. He chases after love, but is constantly in fear.

Two best friends.

But not quite.

They're too close to be friends. They had a connection that exceeded "friend". Their relationship was special. Sacred. Beautiful.

And Blue.