Good Girl Gone To Vegas! (BOOK 2)

Good Girl Gone To Vegas! (BOOK 2)

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Disclaimer: I would highly recommend that you read my first book Good Girl Gone Bad as this is the second book after this. 


Meldoy Peers. Some say she has changed from being the good girl she was in Freshman Year, others think she is the same. Whatever kids at Mason Alexander High School think doesn't matter anymore because Melody is gone...again. And this time, she ran back to the place she thought she could escape from her past; Las Vegas. 

But all that changes once her past comes and follows her there...literally. 

So, how's it going to be this time? Will Meldoy ignore the people she hates? Or will she face them and face new challenges along the way?

With a book filled with heartbreak, confusion, descions and more, will Meldoy ever find her happily ever after or her Prince Charming? Or will she keep her motto 'Love is nothing, independency is everything,'? 

Let's read to find out shall we?


Book 2 of Bad Girl At Heart Series

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the_lachowsker the_lachowsker Mar 09, 2017
Why cant they leave you aloone ugh stalkers these days 😞💀
teenfeed teenfeed Dec 07, 2017
So we just gonna ignore this chick just came from the ceiling or...😳
shatterstars101 shatterstars101 Nov 28, 2016
Rereading cause I'm waiting for another update on ur 3rd book
Fangirl4LYF1865 Fangirl4LYF1865 Mar 03, 2016
I knew it! I knew it! I knew it! I knew it would be those 6!
fairy_bomber_2002 fairy_bomber_2002 Dec 14, 2016
She went there so she could get away from you! Why would you follow her? She doesn't want you there!