The Sinner || Yandere {Boy}  X Reader/Oc ||

The Sinner || Yandere {Boy} X Reader/Oc ||

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I'm not sick , I'm twisted By KornilyaKoko Updated Apr 16

" regret ? I actually don't regret any sin that I've done .." Smirking widely " After all , I'm the devil's Favorite Human . " 

Warning , This Story Contains :-

• Strong language 

•Sexual themes , ( maybe , if so then it's not going to be detailed) 

•Violence /Gore

This is really interesting. Also any up coming up dates for your other books, if you don't mind me asking?.
Suggestions: don't call eyes orbs, only put the space after commas, and please improve your grammar.
Awe this story is cute! Plus it just keeps getting more interesting! Keep up the good work 😆👌😊
This story is very interesting so far... I can't wait to see what happens next!!! 👌:)
"I dislike physical contact" same bro same,I can tell we're going to be the best of friends