Love Arranged

Love Arranged

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Halfway through her years in high school, Maggie Carter could've successfully avoided every toxic aspect that surrounded Henderson High, down to the teachers and most especially the students that lurk around within its halls.

Being someone that never really admired the superficial glamour and privilege every student in that school is known for, Maggie hadn't really set her mind to get on the top of the school's social ladder just to be in the same league as every other spoiled socialite who runs it.

But no matter how subtle one tries to be, one way or another no one can really avoid the drama and scandals Henderson High brings to its students in the form of their precious socialites. And unfortunately for Maggie, she somehow ended up dealing with the worst one out of all of them.

That being Evan Williams.

The boy who not only brought hell into her life by tarnishing the normalcy of what her high-school life used to be, having the perfect boyfriend and the perfect group of friends - but also through an arrangement she just knows she'll never be able to escape no matter how hard she tries.

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