Geralt of Rivia X Reader Teacher's Orders

Geralt of Rivia X Reader Teacher's Orders

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Jill Snark By DatWriterWannaBe Updated May 25

This story is awful. Completed but is truly awful. Don't read this shit if you want a good story. It's done. There will be no updates. 
I repeat. 


Almost all of your life you trained at The Cat School. Now, with barely any notice, you were being transferred to The Wolf School. You would have to meet the other potential Witchers there and try to get along with the mentors that taught there. On top of all that you would soon be going through the Witcher trials. Could you survive the change AND the trials? 

As with my other stories, I like a build up. I can't stand reading characters falling in love instantly.

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KillMeLeviStyle KillMeLeviStyle Mar 30, 2016
*starts banging fist on table while wheezing and trying to talk* ma-ma-jesticccc tho-rin
Kerzzzz Kerzzzz Apr 18, 2016
You have done a great job of capturing Lambert and Eskel's personalities.
Kerzzzz Kerzzzz Apr 18, 2016
I've also heard good things about the wolf school. Especially about a certain white haired Witcher.
Sbrezel Sbrezel Sep 07, 2016
I already read the Story till here and i really enjoyed it! :D Can't wait to read more Chapters, and i hope you are still working on this Story? ;)
ThisIsNotGr8m8 ThisIsNotGr8m8 Jun 01, 2016
i am obsessed with your work
                              as soon as i saw this one i freaked out