his girl ↠ j.j.k

his girl ↠ j.j.k

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모두를 사랑해요♡ By chogiwae Completed

❛❛I don't know anything about love, and boys.❜❜

❛❛I'm gonna find you a guy.❜❜


Cooki3sf0rlif3 Cooki3sf0rlif3 Nov 13, 2016
Wow, that's basically using someone for money and that's worse then breaking it off bc you will always have the guilt of using someone.. Unless you're cold hearted and you don't care!
EhhIJustWantToRead EhhIJustWantToRead Dec 21, 2016
That's not what a boyfriend is used for. It's for love, cuddling, back hugs, and tingly feelings.
raaaandooom raaaandooom Dec 27, 2016
im wishing for bangtan to like me and i look like trash while diz girl doesn't even want a bf and she looks like an angel
EhhIJustWantToRead EhhIJustWantToRead Dec 21, 2016
I'm lonely but I feel I'm too young and the boys around me haven't developed real feelings yet. Plus they are stupid. Better to wait RIGHT?