his girl ↠ jungkook [editing]

his girl ↠ jungkook [editing]

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EXO UNIVERSE By chogiwae Completed

I don't know anything about love, and boys.

I'm gonna find you a guy.


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guiltytrasheu guiltytrasheu Dec 02, 2017
Yo Chae find me the kim namjoon the kim seokjin the min yoongi the jung hoseok the park jimin the kim taehyung the jeon jungkook thank you
Misha_Aqil Misha_Aqil Feb 16
Wtf the shoulders? Did Jin give Jungkook tips on widening shoulders?
nctfied nctfied Nov 12, 2017
that's obviously one of the reason why couples don't work out
I hate when anyone says that to me.  Nothing, and I mean nothing, will piss me off faster than this sentence and the "You need a boyfriend" sentence
coszyjeon coszyjeon Oct 05, 2017
This chapter is very cute, I like it ☺️ 
                              And I like the girl you chosen to be Mynyoung 👌🏻
Aloquence_Sk Aloquence_Sk Dec 30, 2017
As much that sounds great and all.... I would have to decline not only because of the fact i would faint every time i see them but also the pressure that comes with it.