Alpha Logan

Alpha Logan

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Amelia By LettiSmith007 Completed

Elizabeth Grey, 19, long dark hair and is a wolf. Well... Sort-off. She's a werewolf. Like a human but a wolf. No, like a wolf but human. Like a mix. Okay lets just clear this up. Elizabeth Grey (or more commonly known as Liz) is 19, has long dark brown hair and is a werewolf-ish thingy sort-off.

Lets just get on with the story shall we? Okay, so she ran away from her abusive step-father and is now scared out of her mind and about to commit suicide. But a certain male Alpha watching her can't let that happen.

She hasn't found her mate yet, but she dreams about it every. single. damn. night.
Waiting for her prince Charming to come along and sweep her off her feet, to protect her and love her forever.
Well, he certainly does that. After all, he is Alpha Logan.

    lizan might be better but I have no other name, help meeeeeeeee
    Lol I imagined he running in slow mo because my songs know what you did in the dark was playing #iheartradio4evr
    Savannahsaieva Savannahsaieva Apr 27, 2016
    I feel really dumb right now cuz everyone here is talking about them and I don't know who they are..........
    idk_alexis idk_alexis Jul 14, 2016
    One Direction are definitely some of my favorite men in the world
    IAlsoDunno IAlsoDunno Dec 22, 2016
    Shouldn't be the girl be a bit shy and scared ????!!!! 😷😷😷
    Harryisdabaee Harryisdabaee May 02, 2016
    Harry styles is actually the definition of a perfect human being.