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His Gamer Girl // PewDiePie Fanfiction

His Gamer Girl // PewDiePie Fanfiction

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diana By alltimetravesty Completed

Diana is a young adult who lives in Italy, where she was born and raised. She grew up with her best friend, named Leah. Although Diana is a girly girl by day with YouTube channel for fashion, at night her inner beast unleashes, and stays up past 3 playing XBOX with her online guy friends, and one of those guy friends is one of her other best friends, Xavior. Who knew that one of her online best friends wasn't actually named Xavior, he's actually PewDiePie? Diana thinks a guy named "Xavior" is visiting her in Italy, and Diana can't believe her eyes at who shows up at her house. Will the 2 weeks they spend together be long enough to build a bigger relationship? A friendly one, or a romantic one? Find out in "His Gamer Girl"!

pewdiepie is a child rapist
                              pewdiepie-pie is a child rapist
                              i'm sorry
- - Sep 23, 2016
Boi you better shut yo little time keepin âśś up! *goes silent* exactly.
Kayla12Black Kayla12Black Sep 26, 2016
fan fiction Logic: She can already knew who the guy was before even see the guy.
Kayla12Black Kayla12Black Sep 26, 2016
So, like this Diana is portraying Marzia as if Diana is Marzia. I see.
Kayla12Black Kayla12Black Sep 26, 2016
I thought it said 'Around 4, so I should eat at your house by 5 :D!'
paytonthegryffindor paytonthegryffindor Sep 12, 2016
Maple wood creek? That's not Italian! How about 
                              "Vaffanculo creek"