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Picture it...South Italy, 1910 By schnano Completed

Based off of Doodle-booty's superpower au. Cover photo is also Doodle-booty's!

Lovino is a necromancer, and a powerful one at that. After causing some trouble (accidentally) in his home village he runs away. After a couple years of isolation and self-loathing he meets a shape shifter who's stuck in dragon form, named Antonio. Lovino is the only one Antonio has met who can lift his curse. Maybe Antonio can help Lovino too. Stay tuned!

Warning: there's swearing. (That's actually a promise...)

Aww... That's so cute! But Antonio, look in front of you; there's a necromancer right there. And guess what? He's gonna be your boyfriend!! >w<
This was AWESOME!! Love all the great descriptions and figurative language too! .3.
Help him, Lovi! Help him! =D He'll make you happier than a flipping tomato makes you happy!
Awww poor Lovi!!! 
                              By the way, great introduction! You really know how to start off you're stories, don't you?