Guardian of the Moon Goddess

Guardian of the Moon Goddess

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Guardians-a defender, protector, or keeper.

Olympus was being reborn as the Olympians managed to win the Titanomachy. But as the new Olympian, Apollo, The God of Many Domains, spouted out the new Great Prophecy and with the new goddess of Wisdom, Athena  who managed to solve the prophecy with ease knew immideatly who the new threat is. Gaea, Primordial Goddess of the Earth. 

As the new threat approaches, the Olympians decided to form a secret organization to protect the Olympians, The Guardians. Each Olympian was granted one Guardian and the leader of the Guardians was assigned to one of the most active goddess. The Leader of the Guardians? Perseus Jackson. The most active goddess? Artemis. Here's the story of forgotten legends and rebirth of heroes.


  • annabeth
  • aphrodite
  • apollo
  • ares
  • artemis
  • athena
  • camphalfblood
  • demeter
  • grover
  • guardians
  • hades
  • hera
  • hunters
  • jason
  • nico
  • percy
  • pertemis
  • poseidon
  • thalia
  • zeus
MOTHER!! WE TALKED ABOUT THIS! *stalks across the Earth cave to Her moms room*
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Well I mean if you asked in 2016 it's probably going to be results of global warming, if trends continue.
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I was laughing at "Drama Queen" I wondered if it 2as a son of Ares