Seraph Cafe || MikaYuu

Seraph Cafe || MikaYuu

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Ashlie By _OreoPug_ Updated Dec 06, 2016

A new cafe has just opened up and Yuu decides to try it out. One of the waiters there, however, catches his eye. Yuu didn't think much of it but something told him to come back. After that they became fast friends and grew a liking to each other, but was it more? What happens when Mika decides to take it to the next level? Was it fate that brought them together or just a mistake?

This fanfic is boy x boy just to warn ya ;3 It's also Mika x Yuu from the anime Owari No Seraph (Seraph Of The End).

The art on the cover is by the artist Pemprika, so please go support their art on Tumblr!

                              YOUR GAYYYYYYY♪♪
                              YOUR GAYYYYYYY♪♪♪
                              Yuu: Fine okay I'm gay!
CatoBoi CatoBoi Feb 11
Aw is Kimizuki dating with Yoichi
                              I'm sorry people xDDD
I don't have a life outside anime
                              Anime is my life 
                              So I KNOW what I'm doing with my life
                              Constantly fangirling
dag_dag123 dag_dag123 Jan 02
You can sit up as straight as you want but we all know yuu... That you're as straight as a gummy worm rn
Hamster4 Hamster4 Jan 12
this happens to me so damn much
                              yuu Ur not alone I swear XD
em0tic em0tic Feb 13
Mhm yes Mika you get to PLAY with Yuu-chan *blood runs from nose*