Glass Slippers: A Cinderella Retelling *Old Version*

Glass Slippers: A Cinderella Retelling *Old Version*

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Sarah Penney By Pennywithaney Completed

*The first draft of Glass Slippers.*

All Clara ever wanted was for her siblings to be happy, but with her stepmother constantly creating work, demanding attention, and ruining their lives, she knows this may never happen.

However, when her younger brother becomes gravely ill, there is little hope for his recovery if he continues to go without medicine or a doctor- both too expensive for Clara to ever hope to pay for or to beg her step-mother for. Trying to come up with a solution, Clara realizes that the only way to get the money they need to pay for a physician is if she marries a wealthy man, and does it soon.

Luckily, news of the Prince's Birthday Celebrations soon comes to town, and Clara, with the help of her siblings and a little magic, decides to go. There is only one problem; she can never reveal who she truly is, but luckily for her, one person doesn't seem to need her to.

She doesn't know who he is, what his motives are, or if he'll help her-- but she knows he is her only chance at saving her brother's life. . . even if it means being committed to a loveless marriage.


Cover design made by me and the picture used is from a wedding blog. 
This is the first draft. 
*featured by Once Upon A Time as of 9/24/2015*

ElegantElsa ElegantElsa Feb 13
Yay! I agree with you, I didn't think glass slippers lived up to its full potential. Super excited! Congratulations on the amazing cover, and good luck.
- - Feb 11
I'm really excited about this, I loved Glass slippers, I really can't wait to see what you've got planned for this rewritten version
bailal1 bailal1 Feb 23
I am actually I'm middle of the other book, but I decided to give this one a chance even though I didn't finish the other one. Here goes!
Oh please don't change the cover. It's so pretty! (Though if you do, sparkles make everything better 😋)