Your Move (girlxgirl) (lesbian)

Your Move (girlxgirl) (lesbian)

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In the distant future of 3274, monsters rule the Earth. No one knows why or how they came onto the blue planet but that doesn't really matter anymore. One by one the humans started to disappear and were replaced by monsters until all that was left of them were their cities and knowledge.

Legend has it that human survivors still exist and are living in the depths of a forest, right on the doorstep of the capital monster kingdom, Zyire. Protected and concealed by a magical border that burns monsters if they attempt to enter, the humans wait patiently for the right opportunity to strike and take back what once was theirs.


18 year-old human survivor Dawn lives within the borders of the forest, or as the humans call it, the Base. In the Base, the humans are separated into three groups; the Service, the Watchers and the Venturers. 

It is the Service's job to cook, what little food they have, and to heal the injured and sick.

It is the Watcher's job to hide in the trees and scan the clearing, that lies before the forest's border, for monsters on the Venture days.

It is the Venturers job to leave the forest borders on Venture days, and run into desolate cities to steal food, bedding and supplies that they need to survive. There is only one rule; never get caught.


Venturer Dawn finds herself in a dangerous situation when she breaks the one rule. Dawn is caught by a monster, and not just any monster, but a monster who works as a Protector for their kind.
Dawn soon learns that there are more to monsters than meets the eye.

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YaoiGirl111 YaoiGirl111 Nov 28, 2017
Can you post pictures of the characters? And who would you say is the more  dominant one in the story?:)
Mariam1914 Mariam1914 Aug 09, 2016
Enjoyed your first chapter, can't wait for the next. Update soon