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Demon Inside ( Gaara X Reader ) [ Completed ]

Demon Inside ( Gaara X Reader ) [ Completed ]

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[ MM ] By LucyUchiha_ Updated Feb 09

( Real quick note, Gaara is love, Gaara is life. I'm just making this, cause Gaara is my favorite character in all of anime. Full time favorite character. )

Him. 13. Isolated. Lonely. Sand Village.

Her. 13. Happy. Cheerful. Sand Village. 

But, they may seem like polar opposites, but there is one thing they have in common. Both of them, have no parents. That isn't enough to say they could get along though...

~ " I'm a Demon. Not a Human. " ~

Heichous_Demon_Wife Heichous_Demon_Wife Dec 14, 2016
this souns like a team at the school in soul eater (i forgot teh name) there the wepons and i'm the meister