Love Square {Chat Noir x Reader} Complete!~

Love Square {Chat Noir x Reader} Complete!~

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Sky Zoldyck By SkyWolf2 Completed

This is my first fanfic please dont hate if I update late or if it is not good. Hope you enjoy!!!!

You are a miraculous holder who moved to Paris because you heard about other miraculous holders. You dont have family and the only one who has been there for you is Blaze, your red wolf kwami. When you first fight in Paris starts you meet two strangers. One was dressed in a all red skin tight suit with black dots and the other had a black skin tight suit. The one in black was dressed like a cat and trust me, you liked. See what happens next!! BTW this will mostly be your point of view so please dont get made!!!! I also dont own Miraculous Ladybug which is what this story is based on.

Slow Updates, sorry

I LOVE STORMS AS WELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~
AKtrash03 AKtrash03 Jun 04
I say "Aye" in happy voice out loud.... lol and I didn't mean it too... hahah
-Suloea- -Suloea- Jun 23
I'm just gonna pretend she's wearing a short white kimono with fire as the design and a katana with a white sheath. Sorry.
That is the most cutest outfit I ever seen!!!!💙💙💜💜💙💙💜💜💙💙
Blazes POV.
                              You feel an akuma nearby.....
                              It fills you with determination!!!
One its would like not want and too you can't talk 'lady-like' without saying please its basic manners!