Beat Me Black and Blue - Andley

Beat Me Black and Blue - Andley

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RachelPurdy121 By RachelPurdy121 Updated Aug 25, 2016

Andy Biersack is a frightened 16 year old that's too weak to defend himself against his much larger, much older boyfriend Vincent and his gang of biker friends that beat him senseless whenever they see fit. 

Will anyone help Andy or will he be forced to live this way until the suffering comes to a fatal end?

**Trigger warning**

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Vincent, sweetie, I'm just going to warn you now that if you do so much as GLANCE at Andy in a disrespectful way I will hunt you down and chop your Cheeto dick off! Okay? Okay. :)
*smiles* oh, honey, we already know that. I mean, come on! You didn't really think your face was bulletproof now, did you? *pulls out a gun*
-ZenKun- -ZenKun- Dec 15, 2017
ChristMotionless ChristMotionless Sep 15, 2016
U better back off my baby boy Vincent or you and I are gonna have a little chit chat
jackbutalmostdead jackbutalmostdead Jul 10, 2016
Dude, you need to get your ass OUT of that relationship now. That's unhealthy.
-clxxd- -clxxd- Feb 09, 2016
                              This is gonna be just as exciting as the last.... >:3