Levi Ackerman X Reader (One-shots)

Levi Ackerman X Reader (One-shots)

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A Levi Ackerman one-shot collection.
(f/n); first name, (l/n); last name, Heichou; captain, -kun, -chan, -san, -senpai, etc are honorifics in Japanese.

**No lemons are included since I am unable to write them . Please PM me for constructive criticism**

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Damn it i was reading this while listening to Say Something. . .
                              Help me ;-;
flufulee flufulee Nov 22
Yeah-ha! Sad endings! I just love the feeling of my heart breaking!! ( ;∀;)
I like Petra in the anime but Petra go back to your tree (Petra x tree) 😂😂
This was very well-written and I enjoyed it, even if Reader-chan died... I mean, somehow, she always dies. :'D
I hate peopla hating characters that doesn't do/done anything bab to them....
It was cute...until reader-chan died ;-; But it was still amazing!