Godly Graphics [CLOSED]

Godly Graphics [CLOSED]

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avaklusmos avaklusmos Oct 11, 2016
is it required to send links to videos when requesting trailers?
midnightt- midnightt- Jul 17, 2016
okay so I sent you the form via pms and I followed all the rules and stuff but it's such a mess and in so many parts bc im a forgetful loser im so sorry
luhvlee luhvlee Aug 27, 2016
does this mean that if I have previously ever requested a cover from someone else you won't do one for me???? bc I had a cover I requested but am no longer using it
-psychojimin -psychojimin Sep 04, 2016
so what if im requesting a cover to someone else, but its a different story with this one that im gonna request it to u?
HadesUnderpants HadesUnderpants Aug 23, 2016
How do you add a gif to a chapter. I know, I'm so out of the times, and idiotic.
baudclaire baudclaire Oct 11, 2016
hm, if i request a cover today, can i request a trailer the next week?