Winter Toes: No Love

Winter Toes: No Love

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"And I'll run miles just to get a taste. And I can't get enough. Must be love on the brain." - love on the brain //; Rihanna 

Winter Toes
adj.  (1) to have cold feet. (2) the fear of love; both giving and receiving.  // slang. 

    Taylor will pull you into her world where she doesn't even believe love can fit. She believes the world revolves around the pain that love brings and she wants no part of it. However, getting into some mess with her best friend sends her on a journey to Florida, where all her beliefs could possibly be crushed. 

Florida brings betrayal, discovery, and what she feared the most; love. Taylor has winter toes... is it possible that her interest can warm them?

DaddyDia_ DaddyDia_ Nov 21, 2016
Remind me of "the wood"..... 
                              Lord I'll never grab another booty again😂😂
Meccah123 Meccah123 Dec 27, 2016
Hate is the same way though, like hate makes you do crazy things too
MochaHontasx MochaHontasx 5 days ago
The title of this story alone drew me in. It was so unique, I love it 💞
My_Baby_Girl My_Baby_Girl Dec 27, 2016
Hell nah😭😭 , I think he killed the girl then himself 🙄 well duh
HeyDeee HeyDeee Jan 06
Why in the hell you bring her if you was just gonna off yourself 😒 this already craazzy. Poor baby gonna be traumatized