Bad boy (Sam X taurtis) (gave away)

Bad boy (Sam X taurtis) (gave away)

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KassandraEstes By KassandraEstes Updated Apr 10

Sam is a normal nerd, no glasses but is smart. He is the loner of the school, the one that gets bullied because of him liking both genders. His main bully is taurtis.

Now taurtis wasn't always a bully, actually he used to be friends with Sam. Until something change in his brain, but mostly his heart.

They both lost their memories of their past life. What will happen when do get it back? Read more to see...

babyjay20 babyjay20 Apr 27
name- honey
                               gender- male
                              day clothes- gray oversized sweater and black jeans
                              night clothes - bumble bee onezi
                              looks like- black hair with yellow tip gold eyes and tan skin [like tautis]
                              dislikes - dom 
                              likes - everything [but dom]
Nicoforlife Nicoforlife Aug 17
Um sure we'll teknikly it's switched cus us" losers" are to hot to handle
Gurin-Chan Gurin-Chan Jun 23
My sister is going to kill me if she finds out I read stuff like this (Ya know boyXboy)
Nvm three girls will work actually 😂🍪🍪🍪 here's a cookie!
babyjay20 babyjay20 Apr 27
music- stay the night [zedd]
                              info - honey is taurtis lil bro but is shy as a mug
Lmao when I used to get on a school bus it was the other way around- x^D The "cool" (more like rude and loud af if you ask me) always sat in the back and somewhat middle. The rest was just whoever~. (But the front was always filled with younger kids tho-)