Marlowe's Massacre

Marlowe's Massacre

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... By The_overthinker22 Updated Aug 10

"I wonder what hurts the most? Losing your child to suicide or to murder." 

When Marlowe Jhase Richard committed suicide, his twin brother wasn't expecting it. His family wasn't expecting it. His friends weren't expecting it.

No one was expecting it. 

They couldn't understand why he did it either. They had clues that were only going to be found using the littlest hints. Simplest strategies. The strongest minds. None of them knew that yet. He made sure of that. Marlowe had left behind sadness, fear and problems that were unsolved and covered with doubt. No shit. Everyone knew that. No one knew why?

But, when Max meets Teddy - the life guard who was supposedly there with Marlowe when he made his decision that night - he begins to fall hard out of his content and incisive self into something he can't no longer hide. And when the infamous pretty, rich white boy starts falling apart, barriers began to break. Rumors began to spread. White lies spark and the Devil starts working his magic.

Yet, when friends start dropping like flies, court cases start piling up, suspension starts rising and the most wealthiest Academy loses its reputation, everyone's fingers point back to the very first person to get Marlowe the exact way he was...


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I can't believe it took me this long to find this book. I love it.
jswizzles jswizzles Apr 03
Oh shît... I thought he jumps. not shoots himself..... Well at least I am rereading this chapter before going on
Wow what a phrase bruising the shallow shore it really gives you a mental image of the sea furiously beating against the rocks
Wow what a first chapter it really feels you in I can't wait to get to know the characters better
afroseoul afroseoul Jul 23
why did I stop reading this?????????????? I'm hooked for like the -th time!
Sorry to correct you here but it would be  "a few" not "an few"