Imagination ✔

Imagination ✔

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Maya Hart the new student at Beacon Hills High School. Known as the Rebel. Her dad left her, her mother Katy, and her 2 brothers Brandon and Dylan. She is 16 while her brother Brandon is 17 and Dylan is her twin. Will she make friends? She just got out of a bad relationship with her ex-boyfriend  Bradley. She used to party a lot back at her old town in Brooklyn. Will things be the same after something BIG happens and Maya is affected by it? When a big secret is revealed will she be able to handle it?

Title inspired by Shawn Mendes Imagination. 
Stiles + Maya
Teen Wolf & Girl Meets World crossover.
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You're a GMW fan??? OMG I like that show so much, Maya's fav
gplb_03 gplb_03 Aug 23, 2017
I loved this ship since it first came out idk who made it though but I love your stories!!
huckleberry__bond huckleberry__bond Jun 10, 2017
Wow all my brother does is say 5sos sucks then I kick him in the butt
strangeaesthetics strangeaesthetics Jan 09, 2017
there's a lot of fan videos of maya and stiles on YouTube I obsess over the ship 😀
SpookySugarCookie SpookySugarCookie Dec 12, 2016
I have a twin brothe irl named Dylan and his best friend is named Bradley. 😮
hartistics hartistics Feb 25, 2016
I love that scene! It still makes me want to burst out laughing.😂