Windblown Saviour

Windblown Saviour

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Gavin Wilson By TheOrangutan Completed

(Historical Fiction / Action) - Gunslinger: I may be feared and admired, but I call nowhere home. My gun and my skill define my existence. I was born fast, and endless practice has made me the best. 

For now.

A brief rush of adrenaline. Noise, the smell of cordite, and one of us crumples to the dust. This time it was him. I leave nothing but dried blood in the sand...

Clint truly made Westerns cool.  This sounds like a great book.  Good luck.
69charger2001 69charger2001 Apr 06, 2015 04:05PM
Hey Gavin I need some help creating a western style book can i ask what do u do for ideas
This is amazing, never stop writing, cause your writing keeps me sane, and yet, alive.
ElisWautier ElisWautier Aug 12, 2014 01:27AM
Literally everything about your writing screams EPIC. Keep it up epic stranger.
Very powerful. I am vet intrigued! I could see what the character/you were describing. A fantastic start!
                               Voted because it was that good.
Astonishing storytelling and breathtaking originality of characterisation, plot and dialogue. Pure magic. Voted for every memorable part.