If We Exist

If We Exist

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Yano Ism By Yano_Ism Updated Oct 14

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Two boys, one ethnically segregated town. Two sides, one war.

Yuri Karamov's existence is like Schrödinger's cat, simultaneously both dead and alive. In Ru Konstantin's mind, Yuri is still the same vibrant young man he was when their lives diverged on different paths. But the question, the one Ru is too afraid to acknowledge, is whether his best friend is still alive.
In the short span of eighteen years, their hometown of Dronesk has gone from a humdrum town to becoming a besieged territory of the BKA. A radical militia group whose sole purpose is to eradicate the Arash--people like Ru--from Rujga Province. Yuri Karamov is one of the recruits fighting for a Brommian liberation. When Ru returns to Dronesk in search of his best friend, everything he knew from before is turned on its head. 

Confrontation bubbles under the surface of their volatile relationship as both men grapple with the ramifications of a separatist movement.
If We Exist, is a coming-of-age story that examines friendship, sexuality, class struggles and ethnic tensions through the lens of Ru Konstantin; desperate, anxiety-ridden, and awfully nostalgic.

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krismcase krismcase Nov 15, 2017
this is a well-written analysis of historical events/civil strife that have fed the political climate readers can expect to see in the  story
aldeneil aldeneil Nov 25, 2017
Great first chapter, provides background well with flow. The writing is definitely at a harder level than the average book.
tamaya7070 tamaya7070 Jan 11
This chapter is a good backstory, but it's a bit confusing. With all of the complicated names and information. It's a lot to take in. At least that was my thought.
K44RGO K44RGO Jun 08
Reminds me a lot of modern day Yemen, mainly with Taiz and al-Akhdam. Akhdam were given rights in a presidential social change in the. . . 1960s, I believe? But said social changes quickly regressed, and the Akhdam were outcasted and denied schooling. Did you have any modern day inspirations? :o
It's going to take me forever to read this chapter. These names are hard asf to pronounce
AzizaChalamet AzizaChalamet 3 days ago
I always wonder if gentrification is really. Positive thing. I mean it displaces the population that already exists there but then it like uplifts the area I guess? I’m still on the fence about it but it’s happening so rapidly nowadays