Always His xXON HOLDXx

Always His xXON HOLDXx

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ArtySkittles By ArtySkittles Updated May 30

Astrid and Jay have been friend for what seems like forever. 
Ever since they met they have been inseparable, best friend, always there for one another.

Jay is the kindest person, Astrid could ever know. But as they grow up Astrid starts to notice the little things, his possessiveness, how he's always touching her, holding her hand.

And Astrid couldn't wish for anything else. But Jay had a secret, one that could make or break there relationship.

My mom used to do this when she dropped me off and I turned out semi-acceptable
I've never had to wear a tie..... Or a school uniform..... I mean we have dress code..... But no uniform
sundae01 sundae01 Mar 27
Her mother sucks she could be a little more compassionate about it
steph09011 steph09011 Jul 24
 #tb when it was actually easy to make friends lol ...but cute!
Oh! I thought her mom didn't like his mom so that was her nickname for her!😂