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High School Love Triangle {Shizuo X Reader X Izaya}

High School Love Triangle {Shizuo X Reader X Izaya}

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Sophie-Chan By WriterOfWisdom Updated May 25, 2016

{3rd story. Please don't expect too much of me!}

Y/N is a new student at Raijin Academy, who just got out of the hospital due to a heart condition that kept her in there for most of her life.
On her first day, she meets Izaya Orihara, who seems more infatuated with you than he is with all of humanity.
But the problem is, you're a very shy and gentle person, often being compared to an angel, so you have doubts about anything new happening. But when his enemy, Shizuo Heiwajima, introduces himself to you, all of Izaya's plans are seemingly ruined as he realises that you have a serious crush on Shizuo.
But what about Izaya's feelings?
Will you go with your heart and choose Shizuo, or will you give in to Izaya's feelings and choose him instead?

YukoDC YukoDC Apr 02
Hello. My name is Yuko Hayashi. I hate everyone and everything. I'm in a really bad mood right now and I have a serious headache so don't talk to me unless you want to die.
I like how he can call anyone else a human other than himself. I just find that funny, but he is a human isn't he?
yiisama yiisama Dec 18, 2016
i guess i waa dying bc of fangirling too hard on fictional characters lol
-Hope_and_Faith- -Hope_and_Faith- Oct 29, 2016
Introduction~ hello! I'm Everest Orihara from whythefuckdoyoucare-Ville! My policy for you is zero, so if you don't wanna become he who shall not be named, leave me alone! Kay? Bye!
Awe que cute que cute little Shizu-chan or in my case Shizuo-nii is worried about meh
-Hope_and_Faith- -Hope_and_Faith- Oct 29, 2016
*pits hands up like a security guard* back dafuq up boys, I'm to Fabulous for y'all!