The Boss [LGBT]

The Boss [LGBT]

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Kathrine A. Boyer By KathrineABoyer Completed

Meet Emerson Lane. A twenty-two-year-old college drop-out working on the 23rd floor of the most successful business in the world.  

Meet Lafayette Jeff. The owner of Lafayette Inc., the most wealthy and most mysterious man in the world.

Offered a promotion to be Mr. Jeff's personal assistant, Em easily takes the higher paying job, expecting to be the little gopher of a corporate big wig. Little does he know, though, that Mr. Jeff is not your typical, billion dollar owning boss. And little does Mr. Jeff know, though, that Emerson Lane is not your typical twenty-two-year-old cute gay man either.

Working with the mysterious billionaire, Em discovers more than what the media lets on, the many rumors and mysteries that swirl around Lafayette Jeff, finding out the intimate details of such a strong, confident man. And without him realizing it, Mr. Lafayette Jeff is also discovering the very intimate details of the young and attractive Emerson Lane.


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KidInDenial2 KidInDenial2 11 hours ago
:/// foot rub, key word "foot" :((( nah i'm not touching the foot
BriBriBri11 BriBriBri11 Mar 11
If he owned all the Walmart’s and malls his company would be way more than 1 billion
LilyNJeong LilyNJeong Feb 12
When I'm nerves I tend to look confident but u can tell because I be telling my whole life story
bryluenlush bryluenlush Dec 07, 2017
Me as Fück. I'm strong, filled with laughter but can cry at the drop of a hat. Movies, the news dam David Muir and the final story of the show, greeting cards. You get the picture.
LilyNJeong LilyNJeong Feb 12
If someone asked me to run their feet I would just say I have aids or I'm allergic
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Me...I remember I was asleep and my sister tried to wake me by slaping didn't work