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Falling for the Bully |Jungkook BTS Fanfic|

Falling for the Bully |Jungkook BTS Fanfic|

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Ally (:,' By _juankookie Updated Feb 13

"I hate you ! ..  but I love you."

"Let's end this." 

"Don't make this harder than it already is." 

"As much as I would love to, I can't. Don't you understand that I LOVE YOU PARK AREUM !"

GotBangtan7_Love GotBangtan7_Love Nov 12, 2016
Wait, wait, wait. So why are they calling Areum Sunshine and Babe??? Does that mean Jimin likes her sisiter and Tae tae lioes her cousin??? ( sorry I just don't get why they're calling Areum that kind of stuff.......)
horizonsummer horizonsummer Jun 17, 2016
That drawing Tae 😂😂😂
                              Wait... Why am I laughing, it's actually better than mine
okokokookkkk okokokookkkk Jun 30, 2016
does anyone know any good stories like a girl who thinks its stupid how all these girls go crazy for bts and the guys are surprised that she doesn't go crazy when she sees them (jungkook or suga fanfic) .
sheefaumairah04 sheefaumairah04 Dec 06, 2016
The one who usually hates each other will fall for each other
TaeTea28 TaeTea28 Sep 02, 2016
eh give up the one that usually doesnt like him will get him
BaconBaek- BaconBaek- Feb 09, 2016
Ahhh, Taetae and Jimin are so cute!! Fighting together to decide who is better for Areum. This is awesome. I LOVE IT.
                              Keep up the good work author-nim. Hwaiting!!!