My Wife, My Man?

My Wife, My Man?

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'Perli, what is it that you want?'

Closing her eyes, she sighed, 'I just want to be happy.'


19 year old Perli Duo, is not ready to marry. Especially not to THE one beast, she despises and most likely fears. But she has to, her family depends on it, so her Uncle keeps on saying. Trapped like animal in a cage, she has to learn how to cope with living with 'it' under the same confinement.
    Jack Onel is a misunderstood man. Rich, ill-mannered, successful, powerful and untouchable, is the businessman he is portray himself to be. His name alone causes many to tremble and his presence makes even the toughest of man, sweat blood. But he is not all that the media portrays him to be, nor a beast as his wife thinks. At least, he tries not to be.

But even through the lies, tears, hatred, betrayals, fights, misunderstandings, unrequited love, anger and temptations, God still had a plan for them both.

Because above all, God was and still is love.

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JordanAshley555 JordanAshley555 Nov 18, 2017
Noooo. To keep her,  you need to be kind. Not overdo it,  she might feet scared off,  but a little bit.
BlessedBeAlmightyGod BlessedBeAlmightyGod Nov 24, 2017
                              Check out my writing about God,
                              thanks!! Have a good day in Christ.
Hissince2013 Hissince2013 Nov 27, 2016
'It was unacceptable.' What's 'unacceptable' is you MISTER!!
Hissince2013 Hissince2013 Nov 27, 2016
So you forced the woman you quote love unquote into marriage?
Hissince2013 Hissince2013 Nov 27, 2016
Is he one of those men who actually have a heart under all that cold exterior?
If that was me I would of beat his ass blood or not this hands for everyone