A little good in a bad world⇴ Bellamy Blake

A little good in a bad world⇴ Bellamy Blake

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fanficsssxx By fanficsssxx Updated Jul 24, 2017

Adelaide Kane. She's your average girl; kind, considerate, beautiful, always following the rules and not really seeking any attention, with a few smart and sassy come back's here and there and you got her in a nutshell. She's everything Bellamy Blake never thought he'd find interesting in a girl. 

 After her mother got floated for reasons not even Adelaide knows about, you could say it lead to this innocent girl letting out her inner maniac, resulting in her being locked up in a grey cell for almost 2 years.  Adelaide want's nothing more than to get the hell out, but after being sendt to earth 97 years after everything living was wiped out from the big planet, she's not sure if facing all the dangers that's waiting for them down there is any better than being locked up. 

And she'd never expect a certain brown eyed, brown haired, arrogant, wannabe leader,  to bring out sides to herself she didn't even know existed 


Based on season one  and two of the television show The 100. I do not own anything except my own character, twist's and dialog i put in myself. 

I recommend having seen or at least be familiar with the episodes to read this, as it lacks the details you might want to completely picture it in you're head. but if that doesn't bother you than go ahead and hope you enjoy:) 

Warning: may include mature scenes (not sure yet)  light swearing and lot's of action, but if you've seen the 100 i guess you're used to it so nothing new;)

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literally all my emotions for this one picture
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_nancya _nancya Mar 01
Why not the actual Adelaide Kane? She has darker hair than Selena Gomez and she’s look more like Marcus cuz of the dark hair. But Selena Gomez is good too... I guess. lol