Discovery |Book One| • |The Protector Trilogy|

Discovery |Book One| • |The Protector Trilogy|

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Sophia By itsSophiaaLove Updated a day ago

It was a normal day, you know. Just wandering into the woods so I can check if there was any damage from last nights storm. Then, as I was walking, I've discovered something I would have never believed existed.

A dragon.

It's bazaar really, seeing a wounded fantasy creature lying on the sand in a cove I had never discovered before. But, I knew from the start when I first laid my eyes on this dragon, I knew that my life would turn upside down. 

I'm Sena; and this is my story.

This is a good chapter to set the story, and it's fun to see a first person POV as most writers tend to go with third person. I like the hint of something to come at the end of the chapter, too :)
viper2022 viper2022 Sep 22
Such a happy family *walks back creepily into a dark closet before coming out laughing* why the hell did I do that sorry that was superfreaking creepy lol
It's a really good chapter  and I'm expecting a lot from this book
Pleeeeeeeeaaaaaaaseeee please please do more!!! It's sooooooo good! I wrote a story about a dragon too!
Lady_Alura Lady_Alura Jul 21
I am one of those friends who texts people at 3 am in the morning. My friends are so used to it though. It's kind of funny to me. Lol