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Naked Cuddling

Naked Cuddling

3.7M Reads 116K Votes 33 Part Story
Evelyn Summers By _screamer Completed

N a k e d C u d d l i n g

Picture this. It's 2am and you're minding your own business, pleasuring yourself with the lights on and blinds up for once. It's not like you do it everyday, just this once cause your friend asked you to try this new 'technique'. You're just about to complete when you hear a gasp of surprise and a loud click, followed by a flash.

Yup, your neighbor just got a picture of you working your magic.

Sounds unlikely, doesn't it? But it happened to Abigail Joseph and her annoying neighbor Atticus Beckett cannot get enough of it. Atticus is all for sharing the picture with the world, but with Abigail's good girl reputation on the line, she's ready to do whatever it takes to get the bad boy to delete the picture from his phone, even if it means agreeing to a pact that might as well change her life forever.

Join Abigail and Atticus through their journey of self discovery, mutual confusion, a tinge of friendship and maybe even a spark of love.

Maybe this good girl isn't all that good.
And just maybe this player can bring out her worst.

A bit of innocence and a bit of fun ;)


Happy Reading!

© _screamer

Started: 8/2/2016 (DD/MM/YR)
First chapter published: 1/5/2016
Last chapter published: 23/10/16

Cover by: @KnightPeyton
#01 in Teen Fiction [18/12/16]


                              I hope for that persons sake that nobody bothers to even try and steal her work
cuddlemuffins17 cuddlemuffins17 Dec 22, 2016
I respect everything you just said. And I'm NOT being sarcastic. It's always hard to tell those kinds of thing online.
awkwardunicorns_ awkwardunicorns_ 5 days ago
                              9:37 pm
                              Feb 19, 2017
                              On the couch watching the all-star game (but not really watching it)
cianaxoxo cianaxoxo 5 days ago
Picture this we were both butt naked banging on the bathroom door 🎶
Nialler_1309x Nialler_1309x 6 days ago
So children the moral of the story is shut the blinds next time when you pleasure yourself
fuicodivita fuicodivita Feb 14
What if I die before you find me because I have cancer and 2 month left to live? I mean it's not like you can sue a dead body 😂😂