Dancing With Claws (M X M X M)

Dancing With Claws (M X M X M)

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FrancieJaz By FrancieJaz Updated Jan 29

I, Luke Hunters, am an Omega of the Blood Fang Pack. Being an Omega would mean that I am the weakest werewolf within the pack. It's an inevitable fate for hybrids such as myself.  

I am shunned upon by my own pack members for it, being locked out of sight for all my life, even to the point of being rejected by my own mate, the Alpha. One day, after a failed attempt to get away, my life changed for the better...

(A/N: It's a man-on-man-on-man story. This story's bound to have some explicit content which includes both violence and sexual)

CakeFetishist CakeFetishist Aug 02, 2016
Oh for fricks sake just give up when you lose! Nobody likes a bad loser
PrinceFeral PrinceFeral Oct 15, 2016
don't you think sleepy toxins sounds a bit childish, it put me off the solemn mood so I eould like to suggest just "sleep" istead
elmalian elmalian Jan 08
Why he did not using his magic to free himself from caleb why in the cell?
amazingcrazyperson amazingcrazyperson Aug 30, 2016
Hello Percy/Charlie and Fury name that I can't remember. How are you doing?
Cruxifyed Cruxifyed Oct 18, 2016
Lmao when I go to the third story in a row with Logan as the main character.
CakeFetishist CakeFetishist Aug 19, 2016
What a coincidence! Those are the exact words if use to describe my feelings towards you, Caleb. Isn't that just cool :)?