Stony Smut And Fluff One-shots

Stony Smut And Fluff One-shots

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Mr-Dad-Guy By Mr-Dad-Guy Updated Nov 13

Clinks and clanks could be heard deep down in Tony's lab, Steve couldn't help it but somehow feel aroused just imagining it was him and Tony causing all the noise. Every so often Tony would leave his lab to either eat, go to the bathroom, get a drink or sometimes chat to Steve, an every trip out of he lab his clothes were more dirty more torn, his face more greasy and sweaty but to Steve sexier. Sky blue eyes meeting seducing ocean blue eyes, his heart pounded in his chest beating a mile a minute, Tony got up from his chair smiling his million dollar smile kissed Steve on the cheek and went back down into his lab. "God..." He whispered.

Steve immediately rose up kicking the chair out of the way bolting to the door. "J.A.R.V.I.S let me in!" He yelled.

"Sir wishes to be alone sir." Deadpanned the A.I.

"Just open its urgent!" He replied getting more annoyed and frantic. The A.I agreed and opened the door Steve rushed through ran down the stairs until he saw Tony. "Oh my stars." 


well then..................
                              i wasn't expecting a sexual book
He should of left the collar on so everyone would know who Tony belongs to~
*nosebleeds* this is too much for my devil eyes!!, But I must read!!!😍😍😍
Ah, yes my fat uncle, Ryan, he's been stuck down there for weeks now
evanstan16 evanstan16 Apr 01
Okay so this is the first stour I've read by you and it is so good rn... I need to continue
skullwisher skullwisher Apr 04
first off naked sleeping is nice, very claming it's zin you know!