Room Mates

Room Mates

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Alisha2426 By Alisha2426 Updated Feb 09

"I've been waiting to see the apartment. Time to see what the new place looks like"
I put my keys into the door knob and was about to open it but was stopped when I heard foot steps from inside. 

//This is a Soonhoon (Woozi x Hoshi) fanfic. Hope you enjoy XD Sorry but this is my first time writing so it's going to be a bad sorry//

Started: 7th of February, 2016 (20160207)
• The Best Couple Kpop Watty 2016 Winner

Hoshi won't develop feelings for Woozi 
                              And Sehun's butt is not magnificent 
IamCuteandFullofSWAG IamCuteandFullofSWAG Dec 28, 2016
OMG! I CAN'T...! I'M DEAD!!!😂😂😂😂 help I wanted to scream sooo bad but besides me there is some stranger and he is a sleep!! And i'm in a bus rn so can't scream!! Gosh help😂😂😂😂
lovisagra lovisagra Jan 23
So you're just going to live with a complete stranger without even knowing if he's a goddamn serial killer? Woozi, you may be cute ans sweet like a marchmallow but you're not very bright.
CosmicTaekook CosmicTaekook Aug 07, 2016
i use to have a friend that was so pale, whenever he blushed, his whole have turned bright red, it was kinda weird
kweonsarang kweonsarang Aug 28, 2016
Exactly my prediction. Jeonghan's the 'mum' Seungcheol was talking about. Haha.
CrazyStarPower CrazyStarPower Dec 21, 2016
So, I lost my place in this story, but I'll just start from the beginning again because why not 😂