A Bestfriend's Love

A Bestfriend's Love

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Lillieee By Goddess_L Updated Dec 11, 2016

No Lies, No Secrets...? Its All In The Fairytale World Of De'Arra And Ken. 'A Bestfriend's Love, Could Never Be Defined..? But, What If It Could? There's Not Honesty. What's A Real Friend, Is The True Question? What's A Bestfriend, If They Aren't There To Make You Smile? Reveal The Truth About A Friendship, Not Just Any Other Friendship, But Ken's & De'Arra. Bestfriends Aren't Kissing Or Mates. Instead They're Hugging And Smiling. Why Can't Ken And De'Arra Be The Same? Are Two Friends Deep In Love And Don't Even Know It? Explore The King Pin And His Bestfriend's Life.

 "Wrong answer bitch" His hands wrapped around my neck. He started to chock me, I wasn't breathing much. I started to claw at his arms. My nails went in his wrist and he let go. I can't fight back as much as I used to. He kicked me in my stomach one last time before leaving. 

-"I Don't Mean To Lead You On, But Sometimes I Can't Help It"

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