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I'm Watching You (Harry Styles Fanfic)

I'm Watching You (Harry Styles Fanfic)

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Pokemyboner By Pokemyboner Completed

"I'm not wearing your boxers" I snapped. He came fully in, grinning.

 "I'll change you into them then"  Before I could protest he grabbed me by the waist and chucked me on the bed. A smirk never left his face. I held my leg up into his chest, Trying to push him away and from getting any closer. He let out a load chuckle pushing my legs to the side. I could feel the tears steaming back down my face, I've never cried so much in my life.   

He placed his hands on my knees then slowly guided them up my thighs. My breath hitched in my throat at his actions. What was he doing? He undid my button on my skinny jeans and slowly did down the zip. I tried pulling his hands away but it only made him laugh even more. 

 "S-stop, I'll change into them, j-juST STOP"  I screamed the last part. He stopped dead in his movements.  

"Good" He breathed.

ashnie_1d ashnie_1d Sep 13, 2016
This is so me I don't think I'm popular but I get along really well with others. I find something about someone and then relate to them and that's how we become friends.
RockalDavid RockalDavid Oct 30, 2016
How does it work when your dyslexic, is it everything you read that turns jumbled up or...?
ashnie_1d ashnie_1d Sep 13, 2016
Um no you wouldn't i would kill for blue eyes so back the f up
suniw12345 suniw12345 Sep 26, 2016
I'm Canadian and I have no idea how tall any of the above is. 馃槕
iah0304 iah0304 Nov 27, 2016
i live in the country and all of our parties are in fields ...
xWazix xWazix Nov 11, 2016
Oops I think the author made a error. Let me fix that, " I'm being forced by the government by going to hell which makes you die of boredom, referred to as school."