roommates ♢ muke ✔️

roommates ♢ muke ✔️

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"top or bottom?" 

"ex-excuse me?" 

"do you want the top bunk or bottom bunk?" 

in which luke has a dirty mind as well as a crush on his roommate.


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UglyUnicorn607 UglyUnicorn607 Sep 25, 2016
Bottom. That's the only way my charger can reach my phone while I'm in bed on my lazy aśs binge watching YouTube.
wheres_the_bleach_ wheres_the_bleach_ Sep 27, 2016
Actually no
                              Story time
                              I stayed at my friends house
                              She has a bunk bed 
                              I slept on the top one
                              Her older brother decided to wake me up by yelling in my ear
                              I fell off the top and hit my head on her bed side table
rnukes rnukes Oct 15, 2016
IM READING THIS BOOK AGAIN can u believe ???? im running out of muke fics to read
olivia_kkk olivia_kkk Oct 11, 2016
                               how am I going to charge my phone while  sitting in bed at 3am watching the youtubez