♥Never Stopped Loving You♥ ✔

♥Never Stopped Loving You♥ ✔

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✌Zoya BiBi✌ By BiBi1D99 Completed

'Boys are only rude to you because they like you.' 

That's the thought Jamie has been living with, hoping that her former best friend and her long term crush Damon Campbell will finally be together. 

After many years obsessing over Damon, she decides to move on by changing herself to appeal to a larger audience, still hoping deep down that Damon will shoot a glance and hopefully change his mind on their relationship status from golden boy to nerd, to golden boy and golden girl. 

However what follows after her transformation, thanks to her best friend Lexi, cute boys, bitchy girls, annoyed teachers and worried parents seem to pop up on her path.

It takes one life changing incident for Damon to question his feelings towards Jamie.

It takes one life changing incident for Jamie to find out who she truly is. 


  • bestfriend
  • chace
  • confused
  • damon
  • evil
  • hate
  • heartbreak
  • jack
  • jamie
  • love
  • never
  • selena
  • stopped
pukahlanah pukahlanah May 14
Lol spoken like a true friend 🙄🙄 that reminds me of my best friend cause she a hoe 🙄😂😂
Nikkime5150 Nikkime5150 Aug 30, 2013
I think she handled the hooker well. I've been known to hit first and chat later but I have anger management when it comes to chicks and bullies
BeauQueen BeauQueen Jul 04, 2013
This is really interesting so far! But maybe you can add more details? Your writing style got me hooked though
iLuvTyger_1D iLuvTyger_1D Jun 16, 2013
@BrokenAndScared oh my god things arent black and white in my world they're always grey so yeah sassy can sometimes be rude in my world and arghhhh get mad !!!!
BiBi1D99 BiBi1D99 Jun 16, 2013
@iLuvTyger_1D it doesn't hurt kinza! no u said hes rude! rude and sassy are two different things! and  nothing u say will be taken personally! :P
iLuvTyger_1D iLuvTyger_1D Jun 16, 2013
@BrokenAndScared hate to disagree.. but i disagree with you *rotateshead in circle really that must be PAINFUL... and that's my point he aint good at sassing but he's better !!! you lot call me a bimbo now ill be mean tto all of you HAHH