Bad boy (Harry Styles fan fiction)

Bad boy (Harry Styles fan fiction)

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Alyssa's P.O.V

"Honey wake up I don't want you to be late" I hear my mom yell from down the stairs I groan in response before sitting up and rubbing my eyes in attempt to wake me up, that sure as hell didn't work.

I'm Alyssa Roberts, I just moved to homls Chapels England cause my mom got transferred here for a job. Therefore I had to leave my friends, my life everything and I couldn't be any more miserable. Today is my first day of school and I'm not exactly 

excited but lets just hope the girls here aren't complete whores and some are my type. And the guys well I'm not to worried about that I'm sure most will be falling at my feet and I'm not even trying to be conceded.

I swing my feet over my bed before walking to the bathroom an turning on the shower, to give it time to heat up I begin brushing my teeth 6 minutes later I wash my mouth off before stripping off all of my clothing and getting into the perfect temperature shower.

I moan in response it feels good to be clean and hav...

steisi-polanco steisi-polanco Sep 20, 2016
Damn bitch just because u said u aren't trying to be conceded dosent mean u don't sound like u are I'm outta here I thought this book would actually be good
Guardain_Quinty Guardain_Quinty May 28, 2016
I have also all my classes with my best friend for the ones thinking it is impossible
storannly storannly Jun 26, 2016
My only friend is food tf do yall get 15 friends in one day tf
aloha_micky aloha_micky Jul 21, 2016
Not to be rude just some tips I do this a lot too but try not to say threw my bag over my shoulder too much. My teachers always seem to catch that mistake😒
create4ou create4ou Oct 30, 2016
But why are you guys getting mad? 😂
                              1. It's a book
                              2. IF SHE'S CONFIDENT LET HER BE! SLAYYYY BÎTCH
LBurgeson LBurgeson 4 days ago
The only class I have with my best friend is 3rd period on Tuesday's and she is in another class that is mushed together 😂 wth