The Prince and the Peasant (boyxboy)

The Prince and the Peasant (boyxboy)

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Ethan Monterio has lived all of his life as a peasant. He has only been told that he is going to be nothing when all he wants to do is be important. He has hopes and aspirations beyond his low life but know he will never be able to achieve them.

Dean Simonds is the prince. He has lived with his royal family with all of their riches for his seventeen years and has grown to hate them. Everything is too proper, poised, and traditional. He wants to be free of all of that and live his own life. But sadly they hold him back, forcing him into an arranged engagement even though he is gay.

Love gives them both a fresh start. But what happens when it comes time for Dean to marry a girl and become king?


Cover by @SydneyTheresa

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xongi101 xongi101 Sep 24
You hear that???? You guys are interesting!!! For once I'd like to hear a character say 'A South African. Interesting.'
AiniJay AiniJay Jun 26
😭 Why you insult love, I only read stories that have love in it
I have so much to say about these comments  but all I can do is laugh as I'm an American myself.
_gr_ey_ _gr_ey_ Apr 16
The writer is an artist a musician and the gullible are a plain canvas a piano let him play on
xongi101 xongi101 Sep 24
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 bish turn back while you can, go the first day to get your baby then run outta there
monteria monteria Apr 10
His last name is 9n letter of from my first name, that is the closest I have ever seen of a spelling