My Guardian Angel

My Guardian Angel

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Lives for the sin By maichan13 Updated Jul 25

Jack has always been an energetic, loving, easygoing type of person. Until thing's get out of the control that is slowly making him depressed.

Mark is assigned to Jack as his guardian angel. His job is to lead him out of the darkness and back to the light.

Being around Jack has made Mark feel human again. But he needs Jack's help.

Jack is not the only one depressed.

sierrac1367 sierrac1367 Jul 06
Are you serious I'm not tring to be mean but you have a miss spelling in the first sentence ,8th word
Sorry but Sean your an internet star people are going to know your name.
ooohhhhh! I love this! This is really great! Keep up the good work :)
I love how I can Imagine Mark with wings why is it so peaceful and soothing to me?!
free_soul8 free_soul8 Jul 19
Why do I have a feeling that this is a welcome to hell refrence?
WildFang23 WildFang23 Aug 07
*sighs and shakes head* Your going to get in trouble for that you know.