My Guardian Angel

My Guardian Angel

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I'm a loser By bemiibun Updated Jan 01, 2017

Jack has always been an energetic, loving, easygoing type of person. Until thing's get out of the control that is slowly making him depressed.

Mark is assigned to Jack as his guardian angel. His job is to lead him out of the darkness and back to the light.

Being around Jack has made Mark feel human again. But he needs Jack's help.

Jack is not the only one depressed.

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Cuteness21 Cuteness21 Apr 08, 2017
*Grabs weapons*  *says  calmly*   Now who's  the  BITCH   who hurt my baby tell me who it is a no one gets  hurt  😊
Imagine hearing that. I'd be like "welp.. now i have heard everything
PanicOutSivanPilots PanicOutSivanPilots Mar 20, 2017
I'm currently listening to "Don't want to live forever" seems fitting actually
Cutenekokitty Cutenekokitty May 30, 2017
Best reaction ever, best reaction to meeting your guardian angel
PanicOutSivanPilots PanicOutSivanPilots Mar 20, 2017
I'll start doing that eventually. Just walk to the nearest bridge that is hoovering over the small river and watch the rushing waters streaming through.
SkyeNightFury SkyeNightFury Dec 28, 2016
I wanna see true form but that'd probably cause my eyes to explode and my ears to bleed 😉