The Crafting Dead: Is There Love After Death?

The Crafting Dead: Is There Love After Death?

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Vanessa De Vanci By Nessa__Chan Updated Apr 07

Nessa is a brave strong woman who is held up in the bunker underneath the White House with her mentor and friend, Dr. Jin. When more people show up at the White house things get real crazy real quick. Join her and the crew of SGCBarbierian's Crafting Dead series as they fight their way through the zombie apocalypse. But even with all this chaos, can Nessa still find love?

I was returning from my supply run when I saw smoke coming from the White House. Ghetto was standing on the front lawn, watching the roof. I followed his gaze to see Ross holding Nick at gunpoint. I quickly raised my sniper rifle and took aim at the back of Ross's head. I was about to take the shot when Sky came charging at him, catching Ross off guard. Sky had jumped on Ross and they fell from the roof. My heart dropped as I watched my brother fall. After they hit the ground I dropped my rifle and began to run towards them. Ghetto grabbed me from behind. 
"Don't go near the building there's a bomb!"
"I don't care, Ghetto! Let go!"
He held his grip on me as we watched Nick run across the lawn towards us.
"Nessa calm down, its too late. He's gone..."
I glared at Nick, "You should have stopped Sky, I had Ross in my sights, I could have gotten him!"
Nick sighed, "If I knew you were there I would have."
"G-Ghetto said there was a bomb, i-is everyone out safely?"
"Not quite," Nick looked back. "Dr. Jin is inside the bunker with the bomb trying to diffuse it."
"WHAT?!!" I would have pummeled Nick to the ground if Ghetto hadn't been holding me back still.
"Do you think he did it Nick?" Ghetto asked.
"Hard to say. I don't think he came out ye-"
The explosion from the bomb cut Nick off. I watched in terror, wondering if Jin was safe, if Jin was still alive......

Note: I only own Nessa, all other characters belong to you, the readers or to the YouTubers that play them in Nick's series.

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