Fake Hate (NARRY)

Fake Hate (NARRY)

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No One's  P.O.V.
"You guys need to learn to get along" Liam said almost yelling at them.

"Sorry, it's not that easy to take a liking to a big fat..."

"Niall Horan don't you say it." Harry said getting defensive.

"Why not? Makes no difference. You can be one all the time to me but when I fight back you get Liam to come defend you." Niall said with a smirk playing on his lips.

"That's it. I'm out." With that Liam leaves.

"Well done, Horan. You're getting better." Harry starts walking closer to Niall.

"Don't think flattery will get you somewhere with me." Niall says backing away.

Harry thinks this is some little game they play. It's not though. Niall really doesn't like Harry. It's just for one big reason. And no one will ever know...at least not right now.

"C'mon Niall. This is just a game, you don't have to give me the cold shoulder when we're alone." Harry keeps getting closer.

"Why do you think this is a game, Harold?"

"Because we're in a boy band and ...

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