Jack ~Ferard~

Jack ~Ferard~

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Sleepy_Gee By Sleepy_Gee Updated Sep 22, 2016

When Gerard was a little boy his grandmother gave him a kitten with beautiful black fur and blue eyes. He named her Jack. When his grandmother died Jack was the only thing he had to remember her bye. 
Over the years his father left and his mother began to bring men home. 
Gerard had fallen into a deep depression. 
But when he meets a boy called Frank who's has a dirty mind and a pretty face. New feelings appear. 


I hope you like this story ~Taylor

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nomiomnomnom nomiomnomnom Mar 08, 2017
Roses are red
                              Their thorns are prickly
                              Some might say
                              That escelated quickly
daddyissues-howell daddyissues-howell Feb 13, 2017
I gasped so loud and started crying and now my mom is looking at me weirdly
deathly-killjoy deathly-killjoy Apr 10, 2016
Hi, I'm just letting you know there's a typo in your description. It says bye where it should say by :)
MyFandomTrashRomance MyFandomTrashRomance Feb 14, 2017
They never actually called her Helena. They called her Helen or her actual name Eleba. Helena was just a mix of the two names.