He's Worth it (Completed)

He's Worth it (Completed)

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Ash By Ash113101 Completed

Star butterfly and Marco Diaz defeated Toffee and Ludos gang with a spell from her wand..now that they finally finished with fighting monsters..what should the next thing be for these two?
Will relationship crippled or will it strive either way these two can't be without each other no matter what

Basically a Starco fanfic I don't own any characters as they belong to the creator of the show

Started: 08/15/15
Finished: 03/22/16

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NopeMysticPineapple NopeMysticPineapple Dec 03, 2017
Don't be an Adrien with the "she's just a friend" crap Marco
She_Devil666 She_Devil666 Dec 08, 2017
Me whenever somebody asks a question about how something is done. For example,
                              Person: how did you make it so smooth?
                              Me: magic.
                              Person: how do you know that’s true?
                              Me: magic.
                              Magic is my response to everything.
mallyberry mallyberry Jan 22
Not to sound like a disgusting freak but when he said this I instantly thought about threesome. Yuk.
SkyChanNya SkyChanNya Nov 08, 2017
XD where it says "I chuckled a bit and stood her up" it sounds like a guy saying that to he group trying to act cool.
NopeMysticPineapple NopeMysticPineapple Dec 03, 2017
Who does the last sentence remind you of @GalaxyPineapple16 ?
Mecha_Doc Mecha_Doc Nov 05, 2017
(In radio 2-way voice) Marco, come in Marco. This is the Starco Fanbase. I repeat, the Starco Fanbase.Come in