He's Worth it (Completed)

He's Worth it (Completed)

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Star butterfly and Marco Diaz defeated Toffee and Ludos gang with a spell from her wand..now that they finally finished with fighting monsters..what should the next thing be for these two?
Will relationship crippled or will it strive either way these two can't be without each other no matter what

Basically a Starco fanfic I don't own any characters as they belong to the creator of the show

Started: 08/15/15
Finished: 03/22/16

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Me when someone asks me how I do something amazing/peculiar "Magic!"
*mumbles* why do I always get to the fandoms late? *SQUEALS* EHHHHHHHHAHAAAAAAHHHHEERERRRRREEEEEEEEEEE
So umm I have missed half of the season of the tv show soooooo um
I cant believe this could be thee eennsdd....... It looks as tho your ketying go and if its real then i dont want to kknnoooowww
Squippee Squippee Jul 19
I don't really see her with me
                              Flash back to when they kissed or when they hold hands 
Your butt was saved for another reason too😋.... I'm so sorry😂😂