Accidentally saved by my Bully

Accidentally saved by my Bully

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Len and Adina [SDMN] By Len_and_Adina Updated Feb 13

Adina was done with everything. She was bullied all the time, and she was done. Her parents told her that she was a mistake. It was time for her to go. But someone saves her...

Len didn't understand his brother's intentions of bullying Adina. She didn't do anything, did she? All of the Sidemen,  even himself bullied Adina. He felt bad, but he did it so he wouldn't be an outcast. 

Will things change over time?

MinterIsMahKid MinterIsMahKid May 18, 2016
I pretty sure they all have gfs but like three or four of them
megaphans megaphans Jul 03, 2016
Shoot, by the title of the story I made a fanfic that has the same plot except with a different person... But I bet yours is way better than mine, oh well at least I tried 😭
SkyFall1706 SkyFall1706 May 01, 2016
                              HAROLD IS ONLY FEARLESS TO CHAIRA