Summer - TW & TVD Cross Over

Summer - TW & TVD Cross Over

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Nayeli By SpanishCandy Updated Jun 12

"We're at a city where there's blood suckers, Scott! People who drink human blood. You know the red liquid that's in our veins? Which we need to survive!" 

"Maybe, they're friendly?"

"Friendly? Scott, a guy with black hair literally sunk his teeth in a girls neck. Sucking her completely dry. I really don't think that was him being friendly."

What happens if the gang from Beacon Hills collides with the gang from Mystic Falls? 


  • 2016
  • crossover
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  • romance
  • summerlove
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Lily3320 Lily3320 May 21
Definitely Elena and Stiles and Allison and Damon and Lydia and Stefan
Lydia and Damon 
                              katheirne and Isaac
                              Elena and Stiles
                              Scott and Caroline.
                              Kira and Stefan
                              Malia and Klaus
                              Kol and Cora
Malia and Damon 
                              Scott and Elena
                              Stiles and Bonnie 
                              Stefan and Lydia 
                              Issac and Caroline
claudia185 claudia185 Jun 20
I don't care. Just want stiles to be the main character. Bahahahah
15Aidos 15Aidos May 11
Scott and Elena
                              Damon and Allison
                              Stiles and Bonnie
                              Isaac and Caroline
                              Stefan and Lydia
                              Matt and Malia
                              Please do a bromance between Derek and Damon they would make a great team so would Alaric and Allisons Dad
_McCall_lacrosse_11 _McCall_lacrosse_11 Apr 24, 2016
Scott and Elena, Issac and Bonnie, Damon and Allison, Lydia and Stefan, and  Stiles and Caroline.